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Ahrefs Backlink Checker | Ahrefs free Backlink Checker

An Ahrefs backlink checker is a tool that uncovers and tracks any backlinks that are pointing to a given URL. They can be extremely useful when you want to steal and replicate your competitor's best links.

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5 SEO tips to Improve Organic Search Ranking easily.

Getting high traffic means getting lot of money or leads, here are 5 seo tips to improve organic search ranking. also check google web stories tutorial.

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how to delete posts by post meta in WordPress

Here is the mysql query to delete posts by post meta in wordpress. You don't need any plugin for that, just use copy and paste the query and query will do everything. let's check how to delete posts by post meta

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How to increase memory limit in wordpress

WordPress has become one the most popular blogging platforms around the world. It's become popular over the years, and it continues to grow. WordPress powers millions of sites and blogs, and it's also a great solution for building custom web pages. But sometimes, it become headache to increase memory limit in wordpress.

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create custom post type in wordpress

Do you want to learn to create custom post type in wordpress? There are 2 methods for that one with plugin and other is without plugin. Both methods are easy to use, but some require more work than others. Choose whichever method you prefer.

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