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A Search Engine Spider Simulator is an SEO tool that will allow you to preview what search engines bots such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing would see when crawling your website. Basically, it simulates like a search a search engine and then lets you know what an actual search bot is going to see when it crawls your site.

Usually, the way you or your visitors view your website is not the same way the site is viewed when it’s indexed by a search engine crawler. It is, therefore, important that you look at your blog or website in the search engines’ perspective so you can identify any flaws present, say, in your web content or web design. These flaws can prevent your site or blog from appearing to your target search engine users. They may make search engines consider your web content as irrelevant. Our Spider Simulator thus comes into play.

The tool is designed to mimic search engines by showing you the contents of selected web pages in the same way a real search engine would present the content. The tool returns the following pieces of information, among others;

-  Page Content
-  Meta title, meta description, and meta keywords
-  Internal spider links including the link’s URL, type, and anchor texts, DoFollow and NoFollow links, et cetera
-  External links, and Hyperlinks