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This is a free tool that determines output Page Speed Score of websites. The tool also analyzes codes on your web pages and gives you tips on how to optimize the speed on your website. Since PageSpeed plays a crucial role in search engine ranking everyone who owns a website should boost their website’s speed. Users prefer fast loading pages when browsing and hence sites with such pages experience increased page views. So, with fast loading pages, visitors are able to quickly browse more of your website pages. Visitors exit pages that load slowly, those that take up to 4 seconds to load.

Google places so much emphasis on page speed that it gives priority to sites with high Page Speed Score. So, every webmaster ought to do their best to lower the duration it takes their sites to load; a primary and very useful SEO optimization strategy. Everyone desires to have their browser open sites fast and our Google PageSpeed Insight Checker comes in handy as it gives you the reasons as to why your website is performing below its optimal level. It also shows you the items that make your site load slowly. Be sure to follow our recommendations and your site will become super fast. Since Google launched its Google Speedtest Tool, way back in 2011, fast websites have realized impressive rankings in SERPs.