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The Page Size Checker will tell you the size of your web pages in Bytes and KiloBytes. Sometimes, when your website or some web pages on your site take long to load, then perhaps, the size of the web page (or webpages) is the culprit. You will, therefore, need a top-quality tool such as this to reduce the size of the particular page so that they can load fast.

On average, a small web page is about 30Kb in size, and it should load very quickly. It is advisable to make your site page sizes as low as possible because search engines often prioritize websites that have fast loading times. The more media a page has, the bigger it gets and, thus, the slower it’ll load. Embedded images, videos, flash, graphics, et cetera increase page sizes. It is important to know the recommended size of your website’s web pages, as well as, the total size of the website. But how do you know this? That is where our Page Size Checker comes into play.