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Link Analyzer Tool is a part of SEO which allows yo to keep track of all the links of your website. By using this tool, you can analyze both External and Internal links related to your site. Link Analyzer tool makes the process very simple. Just enter the URL. Link Analyzer tool will helps you to find the internal and external links along with anchor text from a webpage or website. The tool will perform the link audit and provide you with a total number of intenal and external links and no-follow and do-follow links alongs with anchor text from a webpages or website.

Link Analyzer tool is of two types-:

1. Internal links- are the links that route you to the webpage of the same website.

2. External links-: ate the links that route you to the webpage of another website.

Link Analyzer tool will provide information on how namy intenal and external links your site holds along with how many of them are indexable. It keeps track of all the links of your website, by using this tool we can keep track of both the internal and ecternal links. It analyze and organize the links to improve SEO.