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A Website is defined as a collection of web pages. A website can be designed using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc. HTML language decides what will appear on the webpage and CSS language depicts how it will appear. In other words, HTML place elements on the webpage, and CSS styles it. Bootstrap is pre-compiled CSS. Suppose we see a website eg., and we want its source code then there are two ways to get it:

  • Using Inspect Element (Ctrl + Shift + I )
  • Using View Page Source ( Ctrl + U )  

    Source code you are in, the search engine spiders read all the Meta Keyword data and Meta Tag information before making out the location your web pages need to appear in Google index (you can use this tool we provide to view your Google indexing-Google Index Checker). Checking the webpage source code is, therefore, necessary to know if everything you’ve included is okay; and if not there what changes are needed.

    The Source Code Viewer tool that we provide will take whichever URL page you type in and give you a complete HTML source code for the website in question. The source code is presented in a simple, clean, and easy to read format that can conveniently be used to figure out any HTML problem or error that may come up.